Belring bridge
Type Town
Country Pleiades
Points of interest Travis's house, post office
Day theme "Hometown Strut"
Night theme "Hometown Laze"
Inhabitants Travis, Zack, and their mother and father
Postcard Belring postcard sprite 2

Belring is the hometown of Travis, Zack, and their mother, father, and dog Domino. Travis's mother works here, but the father works elsewhere. Belring is presumably the starting location of Mother 4. It has been described as a "hilly lake community." It is on the northwest corner of the Pleiades map.[1] Unlike other towns, Belring has a post office where the player can learn how to save.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Its name is a portmanteau of the words "bell" and "ring".
  • An old concept screenshot of Belring included an large, old-fashioned school house with a huge bell, which is probably where the town got its name from, and a blonde woman who was presumably a teacher working in Belring.



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