Modern Mind
Affiliations Modern Men
Maximum Hit Points N/A
Maximum Psychic Points N/A
Offense N/A
Defense N/A
Experience 1044352
Wealth N/A

The Modern Mind is a boss enemy in Mother 4.

Battle summary Edit

Move Effect
Flinging a comet * Deals physical damage possibly to the entire party. Has a small chance of being deflected by Travis.
Text upon defeat: "The Modern Mind burst into light!"

Appearance Edit

The Modern Mind takes the appearance of an human adult male, save for one thing—its head is a glowing ball of blue energy, with no discernible facial features. It is possible that the Modern Mind is not human at all.

The Modern Mind wears a dark blue/black business suit; a pair of black gloves; and black dress shoes. Its suit is littered with stars, making its body reminiscent of space or a cosmic body. Its outfit brings to mind those worn by government agents.

Trivia Edit

  • The Modern Mind might be a part of the mysterious Modern Men, an unknown group of entities, mentioned on the website, hence the name.
  • In the trailer, Travis and his friends are shown to have increasingly high stats when fighting this enemy, suggesting that it may appear very late in the game.