MOTHER 4 Gameplay Trailer

MOTHER 4 Gameplay Trailer

The Mother 4 gameplay trailer was the second video to be released to the public by the Mother 4 development team. Like the teaser trailer, it shows footage of the game in motion.


The video begins with a legal disclaimer followed by an urge for the viewer to support the official Mother series. The words, "What can you do in Mother 4?" fade into view, followed by footage of the game, intended to answer the question:

  • "Ride this thing" - An updated version of the train shown in the teaser trailer is seen.
  • "Nap here" - Travis and Floyd check into a hotel and show that the player can choose to stay until night, showing off the day/night system
  • "Ride this thing" - Leo rides a motorcycle through Union City, showing a mode of transportation.
  • "Clobber this thing" - Travis bashes a Stickat, showing off the combo system.
  • "Talk to this thing" - Travis talks to a dog.
  • "Talk to another thing" - Floyd chats with a Hermit Can, demonstrating his Talk ability.
  • "Run from these things" - Travis, Floyd, and Meryl run from strange enemies, demonstrating the Dash ability.
  • "Be a drag" - Travis dragging an unconscious Floyd, showing how the player characters look while unconscious.
  • "Use your head" - Leo uses PK Beam α on an Atomic Power Robot.
  • "Take another turn" - Meryl takes two consecutive turns to defeat two different enemies (Melty Robots), showing off the GROOVY! mechanic.
  • "Tour Pleiades" - Travis runs towards and stands near the Pleiades flag in Union City.
  • "Take the Ultimate Vitamin" Floyd smashes a mouse enemy, getting a SMAAASH!! on each hit in the combo.
  • "Stargaze" - Travis walks in Belring at night.
  • "Play ball" - Travis, Floyd, Meryl, and Leo battle the Modern Mind. When the Modern Mind flings a comet at the party, Travis hits it back at it, defeating it. The party wins, gaining enough experience for all four to level up (intended to demonstrate the unique level-up jingle feature).