Current menu flowchart

The current menu flowchart, showing the status screen info, including character stats.

Each player character in Mother 4 has stats associated with them, the values of which determine their performance in combat. These stats generally rise in number permanently as the player characters level up, and some stats can be raised or lowered temporarily using Support or Recovery PSI. The stats were revealed in an update on the official Mother 4 blog.[1] All stats were also present in the official Mother games. All stats are listed below:

Guts increase

Meryl's Guts stat permanently increasing after a Level-up.

  • Total EXP - These are points awarded after defeating enemies engaged in combat. After passing an amount milestone, a player character's Level will go up.
  • Level - Determines how strong the player character is. Can be raised when enough EXP is gained. When it increases, the stats listed below may also increase (permanently).
  • Maximum Hit Points (HP) - This determines the damage needed to render a player character or enemy unconscious/defeated.
  • Maximum Psychic Points (PP) - This determines how much PSI the stat holder can use before he/she must heal to continue using PSI.
  • Base Offense - Determines the amount of physical damage a player character is capable of dealing to an enemy. This value can be added onto by equipping weapons.
  • Base Defense - Determines the resistance a player character has to taking physical damage. This value can be added onto by equipping items.
  • Guts - In the official Mother games, this stat determined the ratio of "SMAAAASH!!" hits a player character could deal, the ratio of enemies failing to land a "SMAAAASH!!" hit, and the chance of a player character surviving mortal damage with 1 HP. It presumably serves a similar function with SMAAASH!! hits in Mother 4.
  • Speed - Determines when the player character will take his/her turn. Player characters and enemies with higher Speed stats will move first.
  • Luck - Currently unknown, but possibly makes enemies less likely to dodge physical attacks and player characters more likely to dodge physical attacks as the value goes up, like in EarthBound.
  • Vitality - Currently unknown, but possibly relates to Maximum HP, like in EarthBound.
  • IQ - Currently unknown, but possibly relates to Maximum PP, like in EarthBound and Mother 3.


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